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Maria José Chambel

Maria José Chambel
Faculty of Psychology
Job / Role 
Ocupational classification 
Associate Professor with Habilitationem
Doctoral Degree 
Social Psychology
Biographical Note 

Maria José Chambel is an Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon, teaching in the Work and Organizational Psychology field. She is a member of the Research Center for Psychological Science at the University of Lisbon and has participated in and coordinated several research projects.

Her main research interests include employment relationships and stress and well-being at work. She is particularly interested in studying contingent workers and professionals in psychosocial risk contexts (i.e firefighters, military, health professionals). In 2017, Maria José Chambel was awarded the University of Lisbon’s Scientific Award in the field of Psychology. From 2019 to 2021, she was a Member of the Technical-Scientific Working Group for the development of the 3rd Occupational Health Technical Guide on the health surveillance of workers exposed to psychosocial risk factors, by appointment of the Directorate-General for Health - Coordination Team for the National Occupational Health Program.

She is currently the Lead Investigator of two FCT-funded projects: The dynamics of the boundary between work and family in non-traditional jobs - PTDC / PSI-GER / 32367/2017; Leadership process and occupational health of firefighters: Development of an intervention program - PCIF/SSO/0054/2018.