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Financial Department

Financial Department

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The Financial Department  manages the financial obligations and internal finance of the University, prepares and manages the budget, manages accounts payable and receivable as well as financial consolidation, control, accountability and other fiscal obligations.

Margarida Liberato
Phone: +351 210 443 416 | Ext.: 30115
E-mail: mliberato@reitoria.ulisboa.pt

Location: Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade - Cidade Universitária, 1649-004 Lisboa

Accounting  and Treasury Unit 
Carla Jorge
Phone: +351  210 443 407
E-mail: carla.jorge@reitoria.ulisboa.pt

Financial Consolidation, Control and Accountability Unit

Sandra Meneses
Phone: +351 210 443 421
E-mail: smeneses@reitoria.ulisboa.pt

Budget Unit

Patrícia Isabel Dinis Breia
Phone: +351 210 443 472 | ext.30154
E-mail: pbreia@reitoria.ulisboa.pt