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Health (redeSAÚDE)

Health (redeSAÚDE)

RedeSAÚDE, as one of the ULisboa Thematic Interdisciplinary Networks, aims to set the University research strategy in the Health Science and Technology area and to develop excellent research considering the challenges launched by national and international research programmes.

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RedeSAÚDE invests in the common development of complementary research strategies between the different Schools and Research Units of ULisboa, reinforcing its work and potential. This network is particularly relevant to promote the necessary interdisciplinarity while bridging knowledge areas compatible with innovation processes in Health. Additionally, it seeks to establish the platforms, through which critical mass projects, bringing together public, private and social sectors, will establish major contributions to society.

RedeSAÚDE identifies ULisboa’s potential in excellence areas dedicated to health and encourages its development while promoting a “Healthy Life Style” and facing the scientific challenges and opportunities of innovation in health products and services, including healthcare.

RedeSAÚDE contributes also to the development of an interface between Science and Public Policies activating a partnership network which stimulates a collaborative effort to match national and international goals.

2nd Public Health Conference@ULisboa | May 29th, 2017
| RedeSAÚDE 4th  Annual Conference | May 4th, 2017
Public Health Conference@ULisboa | June 27th, 2016

RedeSAÚDE 3rd Annual Conference | May 3rd, 2016
| 1st RedeSAÚDE Workshop (Business-oriented) | April 18th, 2015 (Report reserved to participants)

RedeSAÚDE 1st Annual Conference  | February 2nd, 2015
RedeSAÚDE 2nd Annual Conference | June 16th, 2015 (Report to be approved)

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