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Sea (redeMAR)

Sea (redeMAR)

Established within ULisboa Thematic Interdisciplinary Networks, redeMAR targets the development of a strategic plan in the field of the Sciences and Technologies of the Sea, assembling professors/researchers from ULisboa Schools/Faculties, Institutes and Research Units.

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Envisioning a stimulating creation process of sea wealth and knowledge, redeMAR foresees Portugal’s repositioning in the global arena whilst simultaneously increasing the value of the environmental, social, economic, historic and future issues of the oceans.

redeMAR also aims to contribute to an inclusive sea vision and strategy regarding public policies through the establishment of an agenda, and its monitoring, involving local communities in the development and suitability of common policies which stimulates a collaborative action to achieve the national goals for the sector.

It is proposed by redeMAR to create at ULisboa a platform of collective interest and coordinated action to improve the development of the national interests over the sea using the oceanic knowledge legacy, promoting integrated and transversal project proposals, doctoral programmes, capacity building and dissemination activities. It is also envisioned for redeMAR to reinforce ULisboa skills in excellence areas related to the oceans and its research fields through a lively, dynamic and stimulating network concerning the sea in its multitude of dimensions.

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RedeMAR 1st Annual Conference | November 17, 2014
| RedeMAR 2nd Annual Conference | May 5, 2016

RedeMAR 3rd Annual Conference | May 8, 2017

Under development

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