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ULisses fosters active and effective learning through a problem-based learning course.

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Main objectives for students:

  • to take part in an interdisciplinary real-life research project;
  • to experience the academic and social diversity of an international research community;
  • to work with colleagues from other schools and with different scientific backgrounds;
  • to be acquainted with the importance of the oceans in pursuing the sustainability of our planet;
  • to recognize the ocean as an important source of resources and wealth;
  • to identify the sources of ocean pollution (especially plastic pollution), their impact and the main techniques used to mitigate them;
  • to explore future education and career perspectives.

At the end of the project, students will be familiar with: 

  • the fundamentals of different disciplines related to ocean science;
  • the central principles of material science related to polymers;
  • the impact of plastic pollution on the metabolism of biological systems;
  • the basic principles of robotics and the design of autonomous vehicles for sea exploration;
  • the basic techniques to recycle materials and the principles of circular economy;
  • project management methods.

The students will also be able to: 

  • develop a goal-oriented solution to a complex problem through interdisciplinary collaborative research work;
  • discuss possible solutions and take informed decisions based on relevant criteria;
  • connect with their peers in an international and interdisciplinary environment and appreciate the corresponding academic and social diversity;
  • plan, organize, and carry out tasks independently;
  • plan and manage their online study process independently and use the functions of a digital learning environment for their learning process;
  • learn and use the functions of collaborative online tools, e.g., video conferencing tools, collaborative whiteboards, collaborative writing and presentation tools;
  • improve their English language skills.