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Ulisses Unite! ULisboa application


If you want to apply for ULISSES, this is the place.

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Before you start the application procedure, we highly recommend that you have the following documents digitally available, as you will need to include them in your application: 

  • Short CV
  • Motivation letter (one page)
  • Transcript of your academic records (an unofficial version will be accepted)

If applicable, provide also:

  • Language certificate(s) as a proof of your proficiency in English or confirmation of participation in an English course 
  • Certificate of bachelor / master degree
  • Proof of relevant experience and skills (extracurricular activities, work experience…)

Since English is the language of ULISSES, we expect our participants to have sufficient English skills to fully engage in the program (everyday communication, active team work, oral presentation, written reports).

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact us:  info@ulisses.ulisboa.pt

Application deadline: January 15th, 2024