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Ulisses - University of Lisbon Interdisciplinary Studies on Sustainab



Based on the educational concepts that underlie the project INSPIRED as developed at TU Darmstadt, the University of Lisbon hosts the project ULISSES open to students from national and foreign universities. The project aims to promote interdisciplinarity and team collaboration through the development of a “real life” research project.

For a period of 3 weeks, students will take part in an international multidisciplinary team, whose task will be to develop innovative techniques contributing to the solution of an important challenge raised by the sustainability of the Oceans. The three weeks of teamwork will be preceded by a preparatory phase (via e-learning) with the duration of 10 weeks.

The ULISSES project is held in the framework of the European University alliance, UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology, and Engineering).

The 2024 edition is now open

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Open until January 15th 2024



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