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Grants and Costs

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Grants and Costs

ULISSES’ registration is free of costs. The program includes all course materials, comprehensive supervision by qualified mentors and tutors, and administrative services.

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Ulisses is a Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) funded under Erasmus+ KA131.
It consists on an intensive learning programme, offered by three partner institutions, combining virtual learning activities with physical mobility activities.
ULisboa will be the receiving institution, where the learning activities during the physical mobility will occur.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and Technische Universität Darmstadt are partner institutions, collaborating in the teaching and sending students in mobility. Notwithstanding, students from other institutions are welcome to apply.


For expenses related with mobility activity, students from EU and other Erasmus+ Partner Countries may apply for grants at their home institution.

  • Incoming students from EU and Erasmus+ Programme Countries
    Students may apply for Erasmus grants at their home university, to participate in the physical mobility part of the Blended Intensive Programme. Applications are subject to the home institution rules and calls for applications. We suggest that interested students, when preparing their ULISSES application, contact the Erasmus+ / International Relations Office of their home university, to prepare the application and the needed documents to the Erasmus process (Learning Agreement).
  • Incoming students from other countries and Erasmus+ Partner Countries
    Students may contact their home institution to if there are any possibilities for funding their travel and accommodation.

These expenses are not covered for students from outside Erasmus+ Partner Countries.