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Unite! against energy poverty

Unite! against energy poverty

Unite! against energy poverty

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Two online sessions to find out more about energy poverty, how it affects diversely European countries and how students across Europe can help in finding solutions...

After a first conference organised in October, Unite! partner Grenoble INP – UGA is now asking for students to create a short video to address the subject of energy poverty. They can join in the challenge until December 15th. On this date, students and teachers will be divided into small groups to imagine new collaborations about energy poverty. 

Session 2:
“I have a dream”… when students across Europe get together to address energy poverty"

Date: December 15th, 2022 5:30pm CET
Duration: 2h
Registration:  Form 

Sharing about best practices collected by students in format of a 1-minute video.
There will be working groups with students and teachers to imagine and discuss new collaborations about Energy Poverty.

Between the 2 sessions students will be asked to prepare (individually or by groups) a short video with subtitles in English, about one of the following: 

  • What is Energy Poverty in my country, in my region or in my university? (focus on the European place where you study).
  • Present a best practice that you observed that contributes to reduce Energy Poverty.
  • Present what you would dream to do on this topic.

These videos are to be uploaded on Metacampus.
Students do not necessarily need to create a video to join the session, they can simply come and discuss about energy poverty if they want to.

More information at Unite's website



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