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Save the Date | ULisses Project

Save the Date | Projeto ULisses

Save the Date | ULisses Project

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Would you like to be part of a multidisciplinary team composed by colleagues from other national and foreign universities to work together for a few weeks trying to solve an important challenge related to the sustainability of our oceans?

Based on the educational concepts developed at TU Darmstadt and applied to the INSPIRED project, the ULISSES project from the University of Lisbon will have its first edition in this second semester.

For a period of 3 weeks, these students will be part of an international multidisciplinary team, whose task will be to develop innovative techniques that may contribute to the solution of an important challenge related to the sustainability of the Oceans. These weeks of teamwork will be preceded by a preparatory phase (via e-learning), which will be compatible with the classes of the second semester and which will last for 10 weeks.

Curious? Willing to know more and to participate? Some more information will be available soon.

This project is free for all students from UNITE!' universities, including ULisboa.

Important dates:

  • 11th January 2021 - application period starts
  • 28th February 2021 – end of the application period
  • 22nd March 2021 - beginning of the project

UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering) is a network of universities in seven countries that will set a new model for a European virtual and physical inter-university campus. UNITE! will transform European higher education through multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual education, research and entrepreneurship providing skills for a new generation of European and global citizens.

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