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Information Security and Cyberspace Law

Information Security and Cyberspace Law

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Faculty of Law
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Com outra Instituição de Ensino Superior
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6 anos
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Access to information and protection of communications in a global and technological world are admittedly crucial for economic and social progress, and for the sovereignty of States. National and international institutions for the regulation, monitoring and implementation of strategies for Cyberspace have been created, as well as the development of critical infrastructures, where qualified professionals work in both the technical and academic and scientific fields, who sought to complement their training with this 2nd Study cycle.

The Masters in Information Security and Cyberspace Law works on an after-work basis, being a joint initiative of the Instituto Superior Técnico and the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, and the Naval School.


We aim at providing an horizontal and large-spectrum body of training, compatible with previous training in distinct areas, but allowing for a deeper specialization optional in the predominant areas of Law, Information Management, Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering. The threefold contribution of the proponent institutions is key not just for each specialized area, but also for the envisaged articulation between areas, allowing for a global view of the problems associated to information security and its applications.

Career prospects 
It is intended that the MSc Programme in Information Security and Cyberspace Law be seen as a step in additional training for professionals with a special interest in the area, integrated in state organizations, regulatory bodies or companies, and not as an alternative to existing courses.
National Admission Exams 
In accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 17 of DL 74/2006, the condition of access to the course is to hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent, obtained before the Bologna Process, or master's degree, obtained after the Bologna Process in the areas of Law, Engineering
Fee – 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative) 

International Access

Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)