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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Cr 45/2021
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Chemical Engineering develops new solutions for technical and scientific problems in the intersection of Chemistry and Engineering. The role of a chemical engineer is to investigate, design, conceive and operate systems for transforming chemical materials into final products, through chemical and physical processes, framed by economic, social, ethical and environmental constraints.


Train human resources with deep knowledge in the area of Chemical Engineering and with a clear vision of the integration of this knowledge in its various application areas.

It is intended that students obtain additional knowledge to those acquired in the 1st cycle in terms of Engineering Sciences. In this master's degree, emphasis will be placed on deepening the approach to reaction systems and the separation of chemical species. Issues related to Process Control, utilities, and industrial safety will also be addressed.

It is also intended that students develop skills in the area of synthesis of new chemical processes more effective in terms of energy, water and emissions. This knowledge will allow the execution of a process engineering project with the best technological solutions, including financial and environmental analysis.

Individual execution of a master's thesis that contributed to the scientific development or business innovation in the fields of Chemical Engineering.

Intended learning outcomes:
• Develop the capacity for autonomous learning, as well as a critical and creative spirit, in order to prepare for
insertion in the professional world with rapid adaptation to a technological universe in accelerated development
and change.
• Promote the use of computational tools specific to Chemical Engineering to support the work of analysis and design of new processes.

It will be privileged to carry out monograph or laboratory work in a team for the subsequent development of extensive reports, executive summaries, or extended summaries that can report the work done. In parallel, students' oral communication with their peers will be encouraged through long or pitch-type presentations.

Career prospects 
Técnico MSc graduates in Chemical Engineering can work in areas as diverse as the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Pharmaceutical and Agrifood Industry, Environmental Industry or Textile Industry and may develop activities such as: • Design, research, development, operation and optimization of processes; • Development of chemical-based materials, products and devices; • Idealization, development and implementation of chemical analysis; • Scientific research and development (R&D); • Quality control; • Marketing of products, equipment and processes; • Consulting and leadership, leadership and management functions; • Professional training and education.
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International Access

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