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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Number 
R/A-Cr 183/2020
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Mechanical Engineering is fundamental in the manufacture of the different objects we use daily, as well as in the automation of the world around us. The role of a mechanical engineer is to analyze, design and design components, tools, machines and equipment, and also perform functions of organization and management of production in an industry.


Mechanical engineering is a professional activity regulated by the Order of Engineers (OE) that consists of the application of theoretical, practical and experimental knowledge, framed by constraints of an economic, social, ethical and environmental nature, to the conception, design, manufacture, control and management of products,
processes, equipment and energy and technological systems.

The master's in mechanical engineering aims to guarantee the attribution of the professional title of engineer by OE and is organized in a model with a total duration of 4 semesters. The curricular plan is based on three main areas of specialization - energy, production and systems - complemented by a training of 18 ECTS in an area of secondary specialization or, in the deepening of specialization in the main area, if students wish so.

At the end of the master's degree in mechanical engineering, students should have obtained a solid training in basic sciences, engineering and specialty, based on updated scientific and technological knowledge, which will allow them to:
• Apply the knowledge, skills and competences acquired in the conception, design, manufacture and operation of systems, equipment and mechanical engineering products subject to technological, economic, social and environmental constraints;
• Contribute to the progress of mechanical engineering and its better application at the service of society through
the incorporation of the most recent scientific and technological innovations;
• Exercise the profession of mechanical engineer in a competent and responsible way, namely in the technical
aspects, of legislative, human, organizational and deontological framework;
• Contribute to the achievement of the economic and social objectives of the public or private organizations.

Career prospects 
Técnico MSc graduates in Mechanical Engineering can work in the energy and industrial production sectors, performing functions such as: • Manufacture of mechanical and thermal equipment, in an industrial context; • Energy production and air conditioning; • Maintenance and operations management; • Evaluation of mechanical industry projects; • Industrial research and development; • Marketing of products, equipment and processes; • Consulting and leadership, leadership and management functions; • Professional training and education.
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International Access

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