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Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Information Systems and Computer Engineering

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Ef 2190/2011
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Computers are everywhere! On your desk, as tablets or cell phones, embedded in pacemakers or insulin pumps, controlling lights or industrial systems, in cars or planes, in Tv sets or fridges. Computer Engineering applications range from organization management to telecommunications, banks and insurance companies, healthcare, education, justice, defense, and also culture and entertainment. The role of a computing engineer involves the development, management and maintenance of software, while seeking to develop increasingly faster and more comprehensive solutions.


The experts holding an MSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering will be able to analyse, develop and implement complex information systems, in distributed and heterogeneous environments, in permanent technological mutation, which characterize the current information-based society.

Through the training acquired in this programme, students will also be able to confidently develop their activity in the Areas of software engineering, in its multiple aspects, ranging from the conception of information systems for all types of companies to the implementation of complex distributed systems, based on the Internet technologies.

The MSc Degree in Information Systems and Computer Engineering (offered at the Alameda and Taguspark campi) accepts not only applicants with the first cycle in Information Systems, but also students with the first cycle obtained in other higher education institutions, who are interested in complementing their studies at the IST. MEIC offers attractive specializations for students and the market itself, also serving as a basis for students intending to attend post-graduate programmes.

Career prospects 
Técnico MSc graduates in Computer Science and Engineering may pursue a career in industrial or service sectors such as banks, insurance companies, software development companies, tourism, multimedia or culture, as well as public bodies. Graduates are also prepared to develop activities in: • Management, setup and operation of computer systems; • Analysis, planning and management of complex systems; • Data modeling and use in computer systems; • Development and programming of applications in distributed systems; • Building adaptable systems to solve complex problems; • Building systems that interact with human beings by using natural interfaces; • Control and robotics; • Industrial systems modelling and control; • Computer systems administration; • Consultancy and leadership, supervision and management; • Vocational training and teaching.
National Admission Exams 
Only the students that meet the requirements below may apply for a 2nd cycle of IST or to a 2nd cycle of na IST Integrated MSC Programme: - those who have concluded a 1st cycle degree programme, or a 1st cycle of an Integrated MSc Programme, which do not have scientific consistency with the 2nd cycle for which they apply; - those who hold a 1st cycle degree in the area of Science and Technology (except for the 2nd cycle in Architecture which presupposes a 1st cycle programme in Architecture); - those who have a school, scientific or professional background, certifying their capacity to carry out a MSc for which they apply.
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International Access

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