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Physics Engineering

Physics Engineering

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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6 anos
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R/A -Cr 207/2021
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Engineering Physics brings about the vision that economic, human and social progress may be achieved by understanding and manipulating matter, not only at macroscopic scale, but also at scales from nanotechnology to the remote and unknown parts of the Universe. An engineering physicist is challenged daily to participate in scientific development in order to extend the limits of science, by acquiring and applying new knowledge in the frontier between science, engineering and technology.


The Master of Technological Physics Engineering (MEFT) follows the standards defined by the CDIO Consortium for
the formation of an engineer: “Graduating engineers should be able to conceive-design -implement-operate
complex value-added engineering systems in a modern team based environment ”.

Specifically, the MEFT aims to:
• Renew generations of researchers and university staff in areas of scientific research of physics, engineering and related fields.
• Generate human capital with capacity to present innovative solutions, intervening to solve problems in various sectors, namely, energy, environment, health and biomedicine, organization and visualization of information, computing and simulation, industrial production and finance.
• Encourage entrepreneurial leaders and company creators, with great adaptability to the accelerated technological
and scientific development of the current world, and to prepare consultants / auditors to assess projects or risk

The challenges facing physical engineers have evolved significantly over the past decade. Thus, for MEFT to
contribute to an effective response to this changing society, in the training of its engineers, it must promote
creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, participate in the creation of a sustainable society based on ethics and
humanistic values.

The Physical engineer is expected to:
• Have a global view of simple and / or complex problems, trying to understand their interdisciplinary implications,
and being able to propose innovative solutions.
• Have specialized knowledge of science, engineering and technology, promoting a professional, rigorous and responsible attitude. To be endowed with a critical and innovative spirit, to know how to think independently, to acquire leadership habits and to understand how to work as a team.
• Know how to present their conclusions and reasoning to their peers, specialists and non-specialists in a rigorous, structured and objective way.

Career prospects 
Técnico MSc graduates in Engineering Physics may work in cutting-edge technology companies and in research and development (R&D). Given its multidisciplinary nature and background in cross cutting areas, graduates are also able to pursue a career in: • Microtechnology and nanotechnology; • Bioengineering and in the medical sector; • Aircraft and space technology industries; • Energy companies; • Software development; • Higher education and/or scientific research institutions; • Consulting companies and banks; • Governmental institutions.
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