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Energy Resources Engineering

Energy Resources Engineering

MSc - Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Cr 127/2012
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Energy Resources Engineering studies new ways of prospecting, exploring and valuing energy mineral resources from a sustainable perspective. This Master provides knowledge, methods and tools to characterize and model the properties and processes that occur in the Earth’s subsurface, especially those related to geoenergy (geothermal, gas and oil) and geological carbon sequestration.


Basic and introductory concepts of Energy Resources Engineering:
Basic concepts on reservoir geology and geophysics, technological areas of upstream, like the seismic exploration, drilling, production, and management and planning of exploration and production.

Specialized concepts in Energy Resources Engineering:
Concepts and knowledge about the characterization of petroleum reservoirs, aiming at the reserves evaluation and management of production including geophysical interpretation and modeling, characterization of petroleum reservoirs by integrating different types of information, for the risk management and optimization of production, in all phases of a field development, from exploration to reservoir engineering and geothermal engineering

In order to promote the crucial relation between students, industry and academia, experts on a wide diversity of areas of Energy Resources Engineering are invited to share their knowledge and experience in our Seminars in Mineral and Energy Resources course.

Career prospects 
Técnico MSc graduates in this course will have diverse career options, being able to develop activities in upstream areas, in which the main employers will be from the Energy Sector in the areas of: • Spatial data analysis; • Prospecting for energy resources; • Integrated energy companies; • Reservoir Engineering; • Petroleum Engineering; • Geophysics; • Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sequestration.
National Admission Exams 
BSc graduates in Engineering or Geology (minimum 3 years). The level in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistryaquired in the degrees hold by the candidates when applying to the course must be, in scope and depth, equivalent to the corresponding courses taught in the undergraduate Engineering programmes at Técnico Lisboa. The Scientific Committee of the course decides, upon the analysis of the academic curriculum of the candidate whether the equivalence is given. In case the equivalence is not given, the Scientific Committee of the course may decide to include in the study plan of the candidate a bridging program of propedeutic courses (not counted in the course corresponding to 120 ECTS) at the level of basic courses. Students should have knowledge of written and spoken English.
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International Access

Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)