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Earth Resources

Earth Resources

Doctoral Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
Data de Acreditação A3ES 
Prazo de Acreditação A3ES 
6 anos
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Number 
R/A-Ef 2151/2011
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Registration Date 



The activities of teaching, research and development (R&D) are carried out by the Department of Mining Engineering and Georresources in the scope of three scientific areas, namely:
• Geosciences
• Geo-engineering
• Natural Resources and Environment

To the Geosciences area, a group of fundamental disciplines of Earth Sciences (Mineralogy and Geology , Geochemistry and Pedology, Geophysics and Hydrogeology) is assigned. This area also includes disciplines with the fundamental methodologies to support the diagnosis and quantitative study of processes and mechanisms underlying the alteration of rocky materials in exogenous and endogenous environments.

Geo-engineering area groups the methodologies and techniques to deal with issues of design, sizing and execution of engineering projects in the scope of geotechnical constructions and mining exploitations, taking into account the sustainable appropriation of mineral and geological resources. The expert domains of knowledge embrace three sub-areas: Geotechnics, Quarrying and Mine Exploitation, Geophysical Exploration and Drilling.

The area of Natural Resources and Environment includes the mathematical tools to support the activities of modeling, planning and management of natural resources, keeping in mind the environmental constraints for the exploitation/conservation of those resources (sub-areas of Geo-Systems and Geomaths, and Planning & Management of Natural Resources and Environmental Systems), and the methodologies/technologies for valorization of ores (primary raw materials of mineral origin), recycling and treatment of solid wastes (sub-area: Valorization of Primary Raw Materials and Solid Wastes).


The main goal of the Ph. D. program is to promote autonomous scientific abilities in the three scientific areas of Geosciences , Geo-engineering and Natural Resources and Environment .

Career prospects 
Graduates with a Ph.D. diploma in Georesources will be able to join higher education institutions, research laboratories or R&D-oriented companies.
National Admission Exams 
The access rule for this study cycle are exactly the same that apply to all other doctoral programmes at IST, corresponding to the legal requirements in art. 30 do DL 74/2006, of March 24th
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Fee - remaining years (indicative) 

International Access

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