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Social Work

Social Work

MSc - Master Degree
School of Social and Political Sciences
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Cr 125/2014
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The Mestrado Degree in Social Work (ADVANCES) results from a European application to the Erasmus Mundus Program, whose partners are the Universities of Lincoln (UK), Aalborg (Denmark), Lisbon (Portugal), Warsaw (Poland) and Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (France). At the University of Lisbon, ISCSP is the representative of this consortium of extreme added value and high international recognition.


It is intended to develop advanced scientific and professional skills in the various areas of Social Work in order to respond to complex and transnational social problems in a context of global crisis. Simultaneously, it is intended to promote reflective analysis in relation to the existing models of solidarity and social security in Portugal and at a European level and possible alternatives of development that can best respond to the aforementioned context of crisis. It is intended that, at the end of the proposed cycle, students will be able to analyze, consult, plan, supervise and evaluate interventions and programs in social service, as well as promote advanced and innovative social programs, services and policies at national or international level. Thus, particular emphasis will be placed on the skills, knowledge, and values needed to work in different cultural and geographic contexts. The MA also incorporates a professionalizing dimension in the area of Social Work, contemplating the realization of 200 days of supervised practice, distributed over 4 internships. It is also intended to develop reflective skills, through the creation of spaces for debate and conferences with experts and professionals in the field of Social Work and the very sharing of experiences with Erasmus students.

National Admission Exams 
Applicants who possess a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent are admitted and allowed to proceed with their enrollment. Holders of a professional or scientific curriculum, duly recognized by the Scientific Council.
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International Access

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