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Equine Science

Equine Science

MSc - Master Degree
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Faculty of Human Kinetics
School of Agriculture
Time period 
Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Number 
R/A -Cr 204/2022
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Throughout the history of civilization, horses have been, and continue to be, an integral part of the culture and development of society, both in urban and rural areas. The horse sector, in its various aspects of production and use, assumes a particular relevance in the European context and, contrary to the trend observed for other animal productions, has shown constant and significant growth. Equine production is also at the intersection of the current challenges proposed by the European Commission and presents an extremely favorable framework as an activity that allows achieving the objectives of the European Ecological Pact.
In Portugal, there is also an undeniable cultural and historical heritage surrounding horses and their use, such as the emblematic autochthonous genetic resources, among which the Lusitano Purebred stands out, and the ancient tradition of equestrian arts.
However, the area of horse production and use still lacks specialized and individualized training, based on scientific knowledge and which, at the same time, recovers, consolidates and organizes this plethora of knowledge sedimented over millennia on the use of this species.

The Master in Equine Sciences (MCE) will be coordinated by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, but will have the formal involvement of two other Schools of the University of Lisbon, the Faculty of Human Motricity and the Higher Institute of Agronomy, which also have training and research competences in this field. area that significantly enrich this training offer. It will also count on the collaboration of important entities in the organization and operation of this sector, the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and the Portuguese Equestrian Federation (FEP), whose contributions will be valuable in terms of the use of horses and the organization of its sporting component.


1. To provide high-level training in the area of horse production and use, based on current technical and scientific knowledge and scientific research, thus contributing to the training of professionals with a solid background in the basic and applied sciences of this area, through the strengthening of human and material resources of three Schools of ULisboa, with teaching and research in the fields of veterinary, agricultural and sport sciences. 2. To contribute for the development and consolidation of scientific research in this field, promoting the application of specialized knowledge on innovative methodologies and techniques that allow the sector to develop, and to promote the integration of students into national and international research networks.

Career prospects 
Holders of Equine Science Master degree will be qualified to exercise professional activity in the field of coordination, technical advice and management of structures and organizations linked to the horse sector, whether in the scope of production or in the various aspects of its use.
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