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Glass Art and Science

Glass Art and Science

MSc - Master Degree
Faculty of Fine Arts
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com outra Instituição de Ensino Superior
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
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R/A-Ef 1834/2011
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The master’s program presents a unique program that brings together experts from various disciplines and offers a window into the world of glass and ceramics in a truly comprehensive way. Moving freely between Art and Science, the Master addresses these materials, not only as artistic means through which students develop practical skills of creation, but also as decoders for a deeper understanding of scientific knowledge, promoting research in chemistry, conservation and restoration, materials science, history and more. The program receives students from all over the world with different backgrounds including Art, Design, Architecture, Science and Engineering, among others.


In a world of rapid technological change, globalization and market forces, we often lose the value of creativity. The development of critical minds and dexterous hands are a hallmark of great civilizations throughout history, in which glass and ceramics have been materials through which we witness the continuous struggles and successes of human effort. Whether we look at lenses and medical devices, a simple cup of tea or a porcelain dragon carved for an emperor, we find that glass and ceramics played central roles in the development of human culture and technology, asserting themselves today in creativity individual, with harmonized practices of solid scientific and historical knowledge.
Through practice, we work to guide our students by boosting creativity in glass and ceramics, supporting the development of self-awareness, as well as participants in the social fabric in constant development.

Career prospects 
Through our program, students acquire a diverse set of skills and experience in glass and ceramics that allows them to pursue different careers, such as professional artists, designers or industry consultants, giving space also to continue their activity in teaching and research scientific.

International Access

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