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Engineering Physics

Engineering Physics

Master Degree
Faculty of Sciences
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The Master Programme in Engineering Physics aims to prepare professionals with solid advanced scientific and technical training in different fields of physical engineering and technologies. The training perspective is one of openness to the outside world and connection to the labour market, placing the student, and future professional, in contact with problems associated with physical phenomena that underlie technological innovation, providing them with solid knowledge in physics and an understanding of engineering approaches.

This course is designed for students wishing to develop an application-oriented knowledge of physics, preparing them for technological, advanced engineering and complex system development activities, enabling them to pursue R&D and/or applied science development careers, necessary for the present and future technological society, stimulating in students a creative, autonomous, responsible and leadership spirit.

Skills: Research, design and development of processes and systems in the areas of electronics and instrumentation, sensors, metrology and quality, materials physics and technology, micro and nanotechnologies, space sciences, optical, photonic and laser systems and technologies. Simulation and modelling of processes and systems.

Career prospects 
Technology-based companies | Auditing and technical-scientific and economic-financial consultancy companies | Service and industry companies | Regulatory and accreditation bodies | International scientific and technological research organisations | Higher education and research institutions.
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Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)