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Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics

Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics

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The Master Programme in Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics (MEBB) aims to train professionals in a complex and rapidly evolving multidisciplinary scientific and technological area, which is Biomedical Engineering. MEBB provides advanced training in health and physics, including: studying the human body and modelling health and disease processes; the study of the principles and technologies used in health and well-being promotion, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation; biomedical R&D and complex data analysis; the development of medical devices; and entrepreneurship.

MEBB also offers the possibility of conducting an internship in a R&D, hospital or business environment, enabling students to integrate the labour market in biomedical R&D, health and information technology companies or create their own startup, in Portugal or abroad, meeting the needs of a society in demographic transition.

Skills: Understanding the human body and the processes of health and disease. Modelling of complex biological and artificial systems. Analysis of complex data. Knowledge of principles and technologies used in clinical practice and research for health promotion and well-being, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. Design and construction of prototypes of digital health solutions and medical devices. Understanding the process of placing a medical device on the market.

Career prospects 
Medical technology and biomedical engineering companies | Consulting companies | Hospital and other health institutions | Higher education and research institutions.
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Fee - remaining years (indicative)