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Brazilian Studies

Brazilian Studies

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The Master in Brazilian Studies is an interdisciplinary and innovative second cycle of studies in the national context, designed for students who are interested in all the aspects of Brazilian history and culture, with emphasis on four key areas: Anthropology, History, Linguistics and Literature. The MA allows a transversal specialization in the field of Brazilian studies and a pre-specialization in each of the areas involved. In terms of professional outputs, we stress empirical and archival research in research centres and/or governmental and non governmental organizations related to Brazil or to territories with Brazilian citizens, the media, public and private institutions with social intervention, institutional studies and planning offices.

National Admission 

National Admission Exams 
The Director of the course rece ives the applications, checks if they are in accordance to the law and analyses the candidates’ curriculums as well as their motivation letters. In the interview (that can be either face to face or through skype), the Director assesses candidates’ motivation and the suitability of their profile to the expected formation. The list of the accepted and excluded candidates is then analysed by the Scientific Committee of the Course. The specific criteria of selection and hierarchy of the candidates are: the classification of the degree or legal equivalent; the curriculum vitae; the motivation letter; and the interview. Regarding specific conditions of admission, there is not a minimal degree grade, and there is no restrictions to the areas in which the degree was obtained. In this way we respect the multidisciplinary structure of the curricular program. We have also been able to accommodate all candidates that were positively evaluated.
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