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Challenges to Aviation Sustainability

Challenges to Aviation Sustainability
November 24th, 2023
Sala de Conferências da Reitoria da ULisboa

Challenges to Aviation Sustainability

Smart Urban Mobility (redeMOV) of University of Lisbon (ULisboa), as part of the “Conversas à Sexta” (Friday Talks) Conference Cycle, is organising the Conference "Challenges to Aviation Sustainability: Examining the Complexities through the Lens of Voluntary Carbon Offsets" on October 27 at 5pm in the Conference Room of the ULisboa Rectory, with the speaker Fabiana Mello.

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Framework of the Conference

The short-term reality underscores a pressing dilemma: the aviation sector currently lacks viable means to counteract its rising greenhouse gases emissions. Current technological progress, fuel and operational efficiencies are unable to maintain, let alone curb emission levels from aviation. The readily available tool to tackle emissions is offsetting, which the sector leverages through CORSIA and voluntary carbon markets.

Since the early 2000s, airlines have introduced voluntary carbon offset (VCO) programs for customers, a trend now embraced even by prominent low-cost carriers that were once hesitant. However, offsetting is not a panacea; it is riddled with complexities and shortcomings. Its very limitations spotlight the broader sustainability quandaries the aviation sector confronts. Confronted with the Herculean task of moderating aviation growth, many stakeholders seem to be in denial. Airlines lean on offsetting primarily for its reputational benefits. Tourists turn to it mainly as a salve for their flying-related guilt. Meanwhile, regulators remain reticent, often opting for flight taxes as a seemingly simpler solution. This presentation delves into these pressing issues, exploring the implications for the future of aviation.

Speaker: Fabiana Mello, PhD Student in Transport Systems, IST Técnico Lisboa

“Conversas à Sexta” (Friday Talks) Conference Cycle

RedeMOV organises "Conversations on Fridays", a cycle of monthly conferences that provides a space for reflection and debate in the area of urban mobility. This initiative aims to bring together the academic community, regulators, operators and companies involved in transport systems, promoting research and innovation, the dissemination and mobilising funding opportunities, looking for answers to the challenges posed by society.

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