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3RD Meeting of the College of Chemistry (3ECQUL)

3.º Encontro do Colégio de Química
June 27th, 2018 to June 29th, 2018

3RD Meeting of the College of Chemistry (3ECQUL)

The College of Chemistry of the University of Lisboa (CQUL) is pleased to organize its 3rd Meeting, entitled “Chemistry at ULisboa & 2018 Summer School and aimed at all researchers and students.

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The main purpose will be to share information about the research work carried out by researchers from ULisboa, through oral (15 min), flash (5 min) and panel communications, grouped by the different Divisions of the CQUL: Energy & Environment, Life & Health, Materials and Technology & Industry.

The “2018 Summer School” aims to provide some in-depth training on special topics delivered by distinguished invited speakers and to promote contacts of students with academic and industrial sectors.

Communications for “Chemistry at ULisboa”

The communications received from the researchers will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the 3ECQUL, which will decide the final form of presentation (oral or flash, only for researchers with a PhD, and poster, for all participants).

Communications should be sent to nunoconceicao@tecnico.ulisboa.pt .

Registration deadline: June 11th

Abstract submission: May 30th
Aceptance feedback: June 7th
(Chemistry @ ULisboa)
Students from ULisboa: Free
Doctoral researches and other participants: 20€
(2018 Summer School)
All participants: 20€
Students registered at Chemistry @ULisboa: 10€



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