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Science and Technology for the Cultural Heritage

Science and Technology for the Cultural Heritage

Master Degree
IST Técnico Lisboa
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This offer at master's level aims to provide a specialized and comprehensive training on sciences, technologies and methodological approaches in Historical-Archaeological Materials in a perspective of the Technologies and their Evolution throughout the History of Humanity. The course aims to respond to an effective demand from qualified collaborators with technical, academic and scientific knowledge. The relevance of this central goal can only be consistently met with an integrative approach to the issues under discussion and the provision of innovative, current and stimulating perspectives on the enhancement and preservation of the tangible Cultural Heritage.

Career prospects 
This 2nd cycle offer in Science and Technology for the Cultural Heritage will allow its students to acquire advanced and distinctive skills, in particular: characterization techniques - chemical, isotope, mineralogical and structural, dating techniques, statistics, geological resources, bioarchaeology, paleoenvironments, archaeology and art history, knowledge transfer, multidisciplinary team work, multimedia communication and mathematical thinking. The students will be able to work either in the laboratory or museum or archaeological sites, with an holistic vision of scientific, technological, techniques, socioeconomic and ethics topics related to Cultural Heritage. This MSc program is based on a diversified set of curricular options that allows the student to optimize his formation in accordance with his academic and professional skills.

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